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Region 5 Execs at 2015 Region Meeting

Region 5 Execs + Grayson & Taylor at the 2015 Region 5 Meeting in Royal Oak, MI!

Region 5 at I-14

Region 5 Group Photo at I-14 in Dallas, TX!

2014 Region Meeting photo

Community service event at the 2014 Region 5 meeting, organized by 2013-14 Service Chair, Grace Kim (pictured, middle)

A-14 Region 5 Dinner

Region 5 members gathered at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago for dinner at A-14! Past Region 5 Chair, Chris Wee, pictured left of center

A-14 MSS Delegation

A-14 MSS Delegation, including our Region 5 representatives!

MSS Delegation at AMA during I-14! From left to right: Tamara Roumayah (R5AD), Sydney Jiang (R5AD), Christine Kang (MSMS Delegate), Nicholas Fletcher (R5D), and Laura Halpin (R5D)