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Region 5 at I-14

Region 5 Group Photo at I-14 in Dallas, TX!

2014 Region Meeting logo

Thank you for joining us in Indianapolis last year! Hope to see you in Royal Oak, MI next year!

2014 Region Meeting photo

Community service event at the 2014 Region 5 meeting, organized by 2013-14 Service Chair, Grace Kim (pictured, middle)

A-14 Region 5 Dinner

Region 5 members gathered at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago for dinner at A-14! Past Region 5 Chair, Chris Wee, pictured left of center

A-14 MSS Delegation

A-14 MSS Delegation, including our Region 5 representatives!

MSS Delegation at AMA during I-14! From left to right: Tamara Roumayah (R5AD), Sydney Jiang (R5AD), Christine Kang (MSMS Delegate), Nicholas Fletcher (R5D), and Laura Halpin (R5D)



Welcome to the new Region 5 website!  We will continue to transfer content over from the 2013-14 website, as well as upload information for the 2015 Region V Meeting, during the fall.  For reference, our previous website is still accessible at

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